2014 12 01 Festive stock and Goddess Pig

I got two Christmas watercolours printed on to a stock of recycled card, I then touched them up with glitter to make them all the more festive. Will be sending them off to the Gift Corner shop in Navan later in the week.

2014 11 17 Goddess Pig

I've been a bad naugthy Zute not updating my blog as often as I should, I've been having mega fun painting my Goddess Pig for the Pigs on Parade. She's pretty much finished now, just applying the glitter to enhance her divine Godliness.

Pigs on Parade

Jack and Jill's Childrens Foundation

2014 10 25 New Postcards

I got new postcards printed up and mailed out to Hire an Illustrator. They're awesome they send out your postcards for you to varies Art Directors and such, so we'll wait and see what happens ")*

My postcards with some doodles on the back