2015 03 21 Pig Parade Meet&Greet

I headed out Thursday morning with my sister to see Goddess Pig one last time before she's auctioned and sent to her new home. There was a pig parade meet & greet for all the artists and organisers involved in the event and it was a chance to see all 100 pigs in the same space together, there was some fantastic amazing pieces, here's a few of my favourites....

Release. The. Beast

I'm adopting this song as the theme or National Anthem of my creativity... whenever I play it, it just gets me in the mood to create, no matter how I'm feeling.

Release the Beast = Release your passion and creativity into something you love doing, that makes your soul happy.

2015 02 06 OFFSKETCH

Man! had such an awesome day at OFFSKETCH. Was knackered when I got home, the kind of knackered you felt at age 6 or 7 coming home from a birthday party or a school trip to, I don't know, an adventure park or something weird and exciting.