2014 07 24 Jazz & Draw

I was invited to make an illustration for Jazz & Draw by it's founder Philippe Debongnie. Naturally being a fan of 60's counter culture I created an image based on Jazz Fusion. 
Jazz & Draw is a platform for creative types to make an image based on Jazz, be it a song, artist, style or album cover.
Each entry has a link to the piece of music it's based on, mine was linked to Herbie Hancock who was there in the beginning of Jazz Fusion.

2014 07 22 FlowerMoon Lettering

I created lettering for my website & blog. 
I wasn't entirely happy using my handwriting for the header so I went about making the "flowermoon font", beginning in my sketchbook I scanned it into photoshop, played with the levels to darken the contrast and added a blue colour overlay.

2014 07 22 WIP Celtic Myths

Continuing with illustrations based around Celtic myths I've sketched out some Celtic motifs. I found these motifs online and drew them out in my pen style. I want to further add texture and pattern but I'm still deciding if I should complete them by hand (watercolour & pen) or digitally (vectors) ???