2014 01 25 New Postcards

I got new postcards printed up and mailed out to Hire an Illustrator. They're awesome they send out your postcards for you to varies Art Directors and such, so we'll wait and see what happens ")*

My postcards with some doodles on the back

2014 01 25 Goddess Pig in the works

I've been having fun the past few days painting my beautful pig with flowers and swirls. Here's some photos...

2014 10 10 Pigs on Parade

Well I'm super chuffed to have been selected for the Pigs on Parade.
In January 2015 there will be a mighty pig hunt around Dublin town, then the pigs go on auction and the the money raised will go towards the Jack and Jill Childrens Fountation, sounds good to me ")*
Any day now I'll be getting my sweet piggy in the post... it's a pretty big pig, it's roughly about 43 inches long and 24 inche high and made of fibreglass.

I'm turning my Pig into a Goddess, adorned with floral moifs and glitter. I want to poke fun at Beauty and what we concieve to be beautiful. In Ancient Eastern religions the pig represented desire, love of materials possessions, lust for food and sexual satisfaction...in those repsects I think there's a bit of piggy in all of us and ties well with my pig being a Goddess.