Since moving back to Sligo I've had some kind of burnout, leaving me bemused about starting any projects. Rather than forcing myself to do anything I allowed the burnout to happen and take a break from anything creative and let the zeal for creating come back naturally.

I've recently started these sketches and I've been feeling the creative juices come flowing back...

2015 07 16 Hyde Bridge Gallery Shop

Gallery Shop now open for business at the Hyde Bridge Gallery in Sligo, mainly selling Yeats inspired artwork, prints, greeting cards and such but there's room for other stuff too.
I have the pleasure to be selling my greeting cards with some very talented folk such as Dreaming on a Star, Stephanie Paxton, Gecko Glasscraft and Annie West.

2015 07 16 Pub Doodles

Ever since moving back to Sligo over the past month I've gotten into the habit of bringing my sketchbook out with me when I go to the pub, its better than sitting on your own looking at your smartphone I think, plus I find its a nice way of starting conversations with people as they're always curious as to what you're doing...